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Wayne Topping

Wayne Topping

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Wayne Topping was born in New Zealand in 1947 and went to Victoria University in Wellington where he graduated in 1974 with a PhD in geology. Researching active and dormant volcanoes, glacial deposits in the Antarctic, and archaeology in the Middle East, were fascinating; and he loved teaching university-level geology! However, he became a Touch for Health Instructor in 1977 in the United States and was hooked. Wayne found balancing the body through kinesiology even more fascinating! By 1980 he was ready to change careers so trained with John Barton at the Biokinesiology Institute in Talent, Oregon to become a Biokinesiology Instructor. Wayne maintained a passion for TFH and become an IKC faculty member for the United States in 2000 and then for Scotland in 2010. Wayne continues to teach Biokinesiology in different modules; has founded the Wellness Kinesiology and developed its 17 courses. Wayne has written several books and has taught extensively in 23 countries. Based in Bellingham, Washington for 30 years, he has recently opened up a new chapter in his life by relocating to Burnley, United Kingdom and in February 2010 marrying his lovely wife Diane. Now he is learning British English!

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