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Welcome to the Personal Development School

“Meet The Authors” is our purpose. “Unity with Diversity” is our motto.
Our PDS community expands with kinesiology and non-kinesiology in-person classes and online learning. Please join us, as inclusively we learn, understand, expand and discover new opportunities or solutions with and from each other. For upcoming dates, presenter details, or to register click here

The PD School offers an umbrella organisation “home” and recognition for independent workshops/courses/programs from several hours’ duration to full diploma programs.

If you are teaching a course/workshop, which serves our mission statement and falls within the self-responsibility/educational model (both defined below) The Personal Development School of the IKC invites your application to receive the benefits of recognition and membership.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide a vehicle for international recognition, spread, support and access for kinesiologies based on the self-responsibility model and educational model in a win-win situation.

Definition of self-responsibility model and educational model:

The self-responsibility model is a non-medical approach to health and well- being that does not diagnose treat or prescribe. It is an approach that facilitates and empowers the client to take responsibility for their health and well-being.

The educational model aims to provide the participant with tools and methods for self-help, stress management and on-going personal development.


Course endorsement application for courses of more than two days
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Workshop endorsement application for courses of up to two days duration
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